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Thread: Trane voyager

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    Trane voyager

    Hello all, I have a second stage compressor failure on this unit. It is a 180,000btu pack unit with a 5 and 10 ton compressors. These are fixed bore evaps. R22. There are 3 of these units on a church and when running work very well. They are only used during meetings twice a week. They are 6 years old and well maintained. I have heard of air flow problems and control board problems causing short cycling of the frist and second stages of the compressors. The second stage compressor is shorted to ground and pops the breaker if the compressor is started. Have any of you run into this problem with these Trane units. THANKS

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    If you have an aiflow problem, it might be due to duct layout. I've never had an internal airflow problem thru the unit.

    As for the motherboards...they have been revised so many was cray for a long while, but the latest revision seems to be working very well.

    I think WE ALL have come across many dead shorts in compressors, not limited to only Trane systems.
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    Compressors like 'makinmoney' said, can go out on any piece of equipment. I would confidently say that wear and tear may attribute to their failure, but most commonly problems with the refrigeration circuit, voltage/current imbalance, or oil return cause failures more often then not.
    These are issues a qualified HVAC service technician can look into.
    Windings in a compressor are protected with a coating that can be deteriorated by an electrical supply issue, acid in a system, or refrigerent temperatures being too high in the compressor ( refrigerent is used to cool the compresor).
    An acid test on the oil is a good idea, checking for voltage imbalance, and proper start-up of the equipment once comp. is replaced are in order here.
    Nothing uncommon for any type of cooling equipment.

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    its always a voyage working on a voyager, as already stated the new circuitry is much improoved

    also any system that uses 3 phase should have phase monitors installed for protection purposes

    even if you install a cheap 30 monitor, but i like the icm 450's they are a little more expensive

    but worth the protection!


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