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    Just did some steak tonight as a matter of fact!

    I took some KC masterpiece honey teryaki marinade and some St. James Winery Velvet Red wine and mixed equal parts and marinade overnight...OH MY GOD! That was the the most tender and tasty steak I have ever grilled!

    I am by far not the grill master some of you are but I get lucky every once in a while and something turns out right.

    I am taking notes on this thread so keep the recipes commin!


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    Quote Originally Posted by key View Post
    1 part Worcestershier
    1 part olive oil
    1 part balsamic
    1 part soya sauce
    1 part grainey mustard

    for tough cuts of meat, add 3 parts Coca-Cola

    thanks a lot, I tried it a few times and everytime taste better.

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    Sea salt and cracked pepper. Grill to 125 let it rest a bit
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    Keep it real simple. Port wine, garlic, black pepper, and habanero sauce. I never measure anything. Note you can get by with a cheap port wine $5.99 fairbanks (red) is what I use.

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    I use wine,A-1 sauce, garlic salt and peper, seasoned peper, horse radishand a dash of syrup. This makes a very good marinade. There are so many good marinades some are changed by the amount of each ingredient.

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    Stubbs for steak.

    A few hours is right, overnight is too strong.


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    Cool steaks

    If you put your steaks in the oven first before you grill them there will be less gray and more pink in the inside. If they cook from a higher internal temp to begin with they wont turn gray as much.

    Put them in the oven on the lowest setting for 20 minutes. then pull them out and put a little kosher salt on them. cook to medium or med rare. then pull them off and while you let them rest add a mixture of rosemary butter and fresh ground black pepper. GOOD LUCK

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    Boy, alot of different ideas here. In my opinion, the best trick to a great grilled steak is to let it come up to room temp before you grill it. I take cold steaks, rub them with light olive oil, then rub on montreal steak seasoning. I set um on a plate on the counter, and grill um in a couple of hours when their warm. Putting a cold steak on a grill lets um collect black sooty stuff.
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    I use the Stubb's beef marinade...goood stuff!

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    Anybody ever try Kinkomenns meat marinade?
    It is with the asian food marinades area of krogers.
    you only have to put it on the steaks for 30 minutes.

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    Yum... lots of good ideas here.

    My favorite marinade is take some good steaks, place them in a gallon zip lock bag and pour in about 1 cup of a good bourbon or a good scotch. Let them be happy for about an hour in the fridge. Bring them out and let them warm up to room temp while the grill warms up and then grill away.

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    salt,peper cooked over open flame till juice runs clear. Remove rest 5 min.

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    If you live south of the mason-dixon line the grocery stores carry a marinade from Dales steakhouse in Birmingham Al. All I can say is every northerner i've used it on loves it

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