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    Pres Bush Arrives in Hell

    President Bush dies and found himself at the gates of hell and the devil says .. "Yep you belong here , but we're overcrowded and I'll have to let someone less deserving than you out of here ln order to fit you in. In fact I'll let you pick the lucky person who gets to leave and you'll take their place."

    George says " Okay , I am a decision maker you know".

    So the devil walks him down a hall where he opens a door and there's a large pool of water. A few seconds later Ted Kennedy's head rises from the depths and he gasping for a breath of air and no sooner than he gets a breath .. back under he goes...20 seconds later he rises again and back down he goes. George shakes his head.... Nah , I'm not a good swimmer, this ain't for me".

    So the devil gets to another door and when it's opened there's Tony Blair swinging a sledge hammer, pounding big rocks into small ones and no sooner than the rocks are made small another load of boulders is brought in.
    George shakes his head no and says " My shoulder is sore and I don't think I can take the strain"

    So the devil walks him down the hall to another door and when it's opened there's Bill Clinton stark naked on his back with his arms staked at the wrists and his ankles chained to the ground .... and who's that but Monica Lewinsky
    doing what she likes best. George is shocked and startled and finally says....
    "Well since I gotta be here, I think I can handle this". The devil asks if he's sure and George nods and says, "Yes I'm sure"

    So the devil pats her on the head and says " Monica, You're free to go".
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    How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

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    Like L.t.C.G. would say," I don't care who you are that's funny!"

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