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    Worked on and installed a lot of waterheaters which where all NG. But was called to a house today to find a propane waterheater with soot build up in chamber. My question is has anyone ran into this issue and what was resolution and why? I checked draft and burners after cleaning, also combustion air and gas pressure which all seem to be ok.

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    Soot is caused by a rich mixture or excessive cooling of the flame, both of which cause incomplete combustion. Make sure it has been properly converted and adjusted to run on propane. A natural gas appliance would run excessively rich on propane.

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    make sure it's a true propane heater, most cannot be field converted. running the fuel tank too low or to empty will also cause sooting.
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    What everyone else said. Get a thermocouple switch adapter and wire a low gas pressure switch to it. That way, when the tank runs low it will cut off water heater so it don't soot up

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    I've seen a few soot up because the control valve did not shut off all the way once the tstat was satisfied. It'd be like a big candle underneath the burner. Some controls do shut off eventually but do so slow enough to do the candle thing part of the time - then little by little the sooted spot grows bigger and bigger. Also, like HVAC_Marc said, be sure it is in fact a "propane" water heater. If it's convertible from nat to lpg be sure the original installer didn't just change the orifice and not also change the spring or the spring setting on the control valve from nat to lpg. If it's built for Nat gas only, (you can't change the spring setting from nat to lp on these) and if someone just changed the orifice to convert it that will definitely cause soot problems.

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