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Thread: Wtf?

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    Confused Wtf?

    Is this mold growing in my cabinet? There is white s*** all over and some brown and some black. Hard for me to tell if its all mold or just some, never had run into mold like this if thats it. Maybe why my wife and kids allergies are having a field day. Think i need to go ahead and just replace the whole 29 year old unit-

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    It is, better replace the whole duct setup as well. Start looking for the source. Past rainfall or some plumbing leak causing ground water effect if its a crawl. Was the pan holding to much water and your gaining humid with fan on constant etc? White can be to many Ions from the Wally World I---c Bre--e units they sell etc. But the black is "Danger Will Robinson" and you better nail fast and now!

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    Looks like dirt and mold from here!

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