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    Electric baseboard heat: On or off during the day?

    I am renting a somewhat-leaky townhouse in wintry PA with electric baseboard heat in each room, each with its own thermostat.

    Is it cheaper to turn the heat down a couple times each day when I leave the house and turn it back up when I return a few hours later, or to keep it at the desired temp all day? If the former, does how much I turn it down have an influence?

    From reading other threads, I am under the impression that the answer changes depending on what sort of heat I have. Is this correct?


    PS. Since I can control each room independently, is there merit to setting rooms at different temperatures relative to the desired temp, e.g. rooms closer to the center of the house vs outer rooms and downstairs vs upstairs?

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    What ever rooms you aren't using regularly, turn them down low.

    Turning down the heat when you are a way will save you money. How much varies with the home. Electric baseboard heat is expensive.
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