I purchased this kit from Bob back in January of this year.

After looking it over in more detail I found that it is really geared for residential contractors - in fact there are several ideas that can be implemented almost immediately.

In my opinion (and mine only) this toolbox is great, but not something a commercial refrigeration contractor can implement without substantial modifications...........modifications that I simply do not have the time and effort to make at the present time.

The information I leafed through looks like it would definitely benefit any residential HVAC contractor looking for ways to build a business........and commercial HVAC contractors as well if you're willing to put a little effort into it.

Unfortunately I didn't send it back within the designated 90 day trial period (had a few irons in the fire the last 6 months) and now I'm sitting on a $1,300.00 cardboard box.

Send me an email (in my profile) if your interested in Bob's program.

I want to make one thing crystal clear to all - I am not dissatisfied with Bob or the program and will not subject either Bob or myself to a verbal assault..........so, if you're interested send an email, but do not expect a reply to any questions posted on this thread.