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    Return filtering options

    I currently use 1" pleated 3M filter. Not sure of the merv rating but guess around 8-10. I like the idea of the 4" filter for better filtering. Is there one that will fit the 1" return grille setup? What rating and brand would be good? Would it even be worthwhile as I currently change the filter every other month.

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    First 3M's can be two restrictive in a week or two of operation.

    Just before you change it .feel the air flow at the farthest supply grille,then with no fliter ,then with a new 3M.Shouldn't be a drastic difference,if there is ,have the duct system remediated before using restrictive filters.

    4" pleated may be much less restrictive,varies by brand and type,have a Pro assist in selection,only after testing the duct system.

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    Return Air Grille filters, almost any type or size in 1"

    MERV10 Practical Pleat in 2" and 5"...custom and standard sizes available.

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