What we have to look forward to:

The elderly couple walked into the doctor's office and said, "Sonny, we just met a few days ago, and we have a special request. We'd like you to watch us make love." The doctor thought that was odd, but he agreed. The couple took off their clothes and went at it on an examining table. When they were through, the doctor said, "I didn't see anything unusual. In fact, You've both got great stamina for your age." The couple thanked him and left. To the doctor's surprise, they arrived for another appointment and made the same request. The doctor again told them they were fine. But when they came back a third week, the doctor said, "I think you're both being overly cautious. There's no need for you to come here to make love." The elderly man said, "Yes, there is, Sonny. You see, we're both married to other people, so we can't screw at home. A motel room is $50. You only charge $40, and Medicare covers 80% of that!"