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    Selling used parts

    Hey i'm a certified technician and I was wondering where I could sell the used working parts of the r22 AC units, such as the compressors instead of getting the 0.20/lb at the local scrapyard. I live in Washington state and we get quite a bit of units that still work but were just being replaced with newer r410a units. I heard that some companies will take the old compressors and pay you a core charge so they can refurbish it but havent been able to find any info about it

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    Why would anyone want to deal with used parts? Customers expect a warranty and for a repair to last.
    If I have a chance to sell a part it will be one that doesn't haunt me. A customer needs some expectation of good results.

    If your selling a part as a used part you won't make the profit you will on a new part with a warranty. How can you warranty a used part ?

    I expect there are some that sell old parts for new. A bit of spray paint, clean up a bit. But that's unethical and fraud.
    The stuff's worn out and has an unlikely chance of lasting anywhere as long as a proper repair.
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    core charges only apply to semi-hermetic compressors, and usually only apply if you buy a replacement compressor, but, sometimes the case of hermetics ? scrap em.

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    I smell something fishy

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