Hey guys my thing is definitely NOT food service repair- my brother inlaw decided to start a small specialized food wholesale manufacturing business. Dolmas- stuffed grape leaves is what I call them. Anyway he is trying to make a few different products and bought a Hobart chopper/mixer of world war II vintage (well it looks like it). I replaced the original cord and plug-fired off and sounded rough but amp draw was good. I get ready to pack up the tools and head home-on a day off! I ask him if he knows how too pull it apart and sanitize-should of kept my mouth shut . Everything was good until I tried to remove the blade-hadn't been cleaned in a very long time. Day 2- return on Sunday with a bearing puller that can strip a fan blade from a Trane condensor fan motor like it was brand new-I fought it for 2 hours got it up about 10'' until my lovely wife ripped me a new one for not being home to attend a family function-her sister=my brother in law-Appears to be a family function to me . Anyway- does anyone know of a manufacturer of a puller to lift the blade say-18 inches. If I can fix this my life will be in balance- for this week-Thanks guys