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    Trane - 10-Ton RTU - Electric Heat Question

    I have a Trane TSC120E4R0B.

    Based on the Model Number Description - Digit 10 - deals with Heating Capacity. This units list 0 = No Electric Heat

    My question is can this unit be modified to add a BAYHTRA418A - 18kw electric heater.

    Its a 460/3/60 with a 60 amp fused disconnect. Its runs off a basic Honeywell T-stat.

    1 - can this unit be easily modified to add the heater
    2 - would this possibly require modifications to the duct detector that's tied into my fire protection system.

    The orginal unit installed per the drawings showed a 19.6kw heater in it. I'm unsure why this wasn't done when this unit was replaced. This was done before I got involved.

    Any assistance would be helpful.


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    Are you sure the unit doesn't already have heat in it and it simply isn't working? A lot of units are sold cooling only and a heat kit is added to it. If that is the case, the model number on the unit will reflect no heat. Your 60 amp fused disconnect is more than enough for the heat as long as the wire and breaker size feeding the disconnect is large enough.

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    I am positive the unit does not have heat. The nomenclature for the model type even stats a no-heat unit. I am interested in knowing if any modifications need to be done to the control board if an 18kw heater is installed.

    It doesn't appear to have the typical plug and play wiring harness for adding supplemental heaters like other units I've seen.

    Any suggestions would be beneficial.

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    This is where you contact Trane and get the heat kit needed as per the unit's engineering specifications or get their approval on adding or modifying anything. By doing this your taking all liability off your shoulders and dumping it on theirs.
    Depending on staging of the heater and how the manufacturer is controlling the main blower when there is a call for heat, would dictate the thermostat and strands of wire required to operate the unit.
    As for smoke detectors, they would not be affected. May have a nuisance alarm on initial start-up of heat strips.

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