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    Question on adapting a heat pump to garage.

    I have a 28x28 garage with 12 foot ceilings. I am in the middle of finishing it off. Recently my brothers house had an issue with their heat pump. It was during a storm. We didn't see lightning actually strike anything, however he did hear a loud crack and his AC turned off. Long story short. The Outdoor unit was damaged. I guess it needs a new compressor. He ended up getting a entire unit replaced. Inside and outside. Well since this was being done. I figured. I may be able to source a outdoor unit, or have it repaired. All I know is that it is a Carrier 4 ton 10 seer and it is 5-6 years old. So I took the entire setup for my garage. I think I am getting into more money than I want to spend on getting this thing fixed. I then figured out that his backup heat was a boiler. SO the elect. element isn't in the unit to give me any heat without the outside unit. I figured. I could rune the elec. heat ($) during winter time as needed just to knock the chill off in the garage while I worked in there. I have a kerosene heater to really get it going if I needed. I guess I thought I could piece this together somewhat cheep. But, it don't look that way now. Is their any way for a tech to add an elec. element to the indoor unit? And I am sure that would be at least a few hundred dollars, as apposed to a new or fixed outdoor unit and getting it hooked up etc. (few grand) Maybe I should just trash the entire unit. I do have a tiny potbelly stove I can burn for heat if needed. any ideas? Thanks Ryan

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    Certainly anything is possible.... McGiver could get it going with a pair of gym socks & a roller skate key

    Call a local Carrier dealer, that's your best chance to find a compatible heater. They can hobble together your Frankenstein.... but at the end of the day you'll have spent good $ on no warranty & guess work size / application.

    New might have a better ROI

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    We all fall prey to this all the time. Before you know it your a grand deep and it's still not working. I wonder how much it would be to buy one of those hanging electric radiant units?
    Good luck

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    There are codes for garage area that you need to install stuff differnt than in a home
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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