Hi All, I was just at a job with two Pulse boilers. This was my first exposure to Fulton units. One had a bad drafter motor, the other one has issues.
The second one locks out on every start. Eventually it will fire after multiple resets. After purge, the ignition energizes, a pause, the gas blocking valves just start to open, then it drops out and goes into purge.
I put a manometer on the last elbow and it reached 5" WC just as purge restarted.
I replaced the spark plug which was in terrible condition. Looked warped. That didn't help at all.
I noticed the exhaust grill outside is discolored as if it's burning hot or too rich.
Another tech had been there a week ago, I thought he said he adjusted the air flapper further closed.
I also noticed someone gas changed the settings of the actuator linkages.
I think I need to go through the entire unit starting with the linkage.
Anyone have info on how the linkage is set from factory?
Any other tips would be appreciated.
Has anyone been to Fulton training? What does it cover, how many days is it, how often is it offered? How much does it cost? Is it worth it?
I live in Syracuse, so it isn't a long trip.