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    Infinity Control vs. Thermidistat

    I have straight A/C with a boiler for hot water baseboard heat. I would like to switch to a hybrid-type system where the heat pump heats initially, but when it calls for the backup heat/heat coils to come on, I want it to power up the boiler instead.

    As I understand it, with an Infinity Control, the only way the heat pump can power on the boiler as desribed is if it's paired with a Carrier boiler, but mine is not. Apparently, the only way it will work this way is if I use a Thermidistat instead of an Infinity Control.

    1.) Is anyone aware of any other ways?

    2.) Does that defeat the purpose of getting an Infinity System?

    3.) What capabilities do I lose by using a Thermidistat instead of an Infinity Control?

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    You'll find more flexibility & adaptability w/ the Honeywell 9000 w/ optional OD stats etc to handle the dual heat.

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    Now that I've read this thread:

    I'm not so sure it's a good idea.

    It's making me wonder if I should even be getting a heat pump.

    Thanks though.

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    There's a new -B version of the Infinity control which has hydronic heating support in it.

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