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    Replace Pureatech with what???

    Years ago we installed the Pureatech system.

    The system has reduced the number of Sinus infections in our home. However, we see reports of problems. We have not experienced these problems.

    Pureatech is out of Business.
    The system takes a relatively expensive odd size filter that is not readily available. I received a proposal for a different system that also takes an odd size filter. I do not want to make the same mistake twice.

    Can you recommend an effective system that takes a readily available filter? I see that Home Depot sells several Honeywell Filters.

    I want to spend no more than $1000 (500 to $700 is better) and the filters should be less than $200 a year ($100 is better).

    Please be specific in make and model.

    Many Thanks

    Many Thanks

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    Check out the website which has a number of options and sells replacement filters for everything. The Honeywell F200 line of media filters offers great bang for the buck.

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