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    Automated Logic BACview

    I have a Automated Logic I/O 8168-R
    that goes to a master then a BACview module.
    It controls a chiller. Problem is it keeps tripping
    on compressor fault. But upon resetting it,
    everything seems fine for awile then it does it again.
    Does anyone know what in the controller will cause
    this fault?

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    I/o 8168

    This controller is made by OEM Control, a subsidiary of Automated Logic, for the chiller equipment manufacturer. Support and information should be available from the chiller manufacturer, as the controller was supplied by them.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm thinking that you're headed in the wrong direction, the BacView is a tool to view the status and parameters on that module without having, or having to go to, the front end. Based on your description I think that you have a chiller problem, not a BacView problem.

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    I know it is a mechanical problem but if
    I knew what the fault was then it would point
    the mechanic in the right direction.
    Anyways, he came out and everything seemed
    fine but we did sped up the tower fan because
    it could be hi head pressure problem at times.

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    or condenser water temp! check ur chiller operation

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    Automated Logic BACview

    check the electrolytic capacitors top middle of board there is three of them. One of them might be bad. I take care of a bunch of units which has these controllers and is a common issue. alarm says general fault comp# some timesbefore it even comes on. The way they wired these petra units was that a hi discharge pressre switch would cause that to. if one of those cap's happens to be bad it;s a easy cheap fix rather than buying a new board

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