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    Wait til u see city multi from Mittsubishi u leave gauges and bring laptop . It is awesome every possible thermistor, pressure, temp, etc displayed in real time through your lap top. Even current draw of each phase, voltages, etc..., all on one screen at once. They have truly got it together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apprenticanic View Post
    I've worked on a fair amount of walk in coolers, and I have never come across a unit that was controlled by pressure. How in the heck does that even work to maintain a box temperture?? I've tried to wrap my head around it reading some on the replies here and it doesn't add up to me. Doesn't seem like it works very good regardless from what everyone is stating but it's got my curiousity going now that i'm thinking about it. I've always seen them as just temp controlled by a sensor behind the coil for the most part, and almost always with a receiver/LLSV. Some smaller stuff without pump down would still just be temp controlled and just on/off. Anyone care to shed some light on the set up using pressure control? Thanks.
    A pressure control can be used as a temperature control and can/does work very well. That being said, I can't say I have ever seen one used on a walk in. They do work exceptionally well on gravity or static units.
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    I've worked on a block ice machine cycled on pressure. Also hussmann deli cases sometimes are set by pressure. It is more tedious to fine tune the temps you want though.

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