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    Daikin inverter heat pump E6 error

    I have a daikin inverter heat pump with a E6 error and will be chatting to daikin in the morning with regard to the fault. It means either compressor fault or PC board I think.
    Does anyone know where I could download any specs or techinical info on the inverter series?

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    Same problem here.

    Is there any way to reset the compressor? The fan turns on but the compressor will not start up.

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    E6 is standard non inverter compressor overload. E5 is inverter compressor fault.

    Model number may help



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    Thanks for your reply Richard.

    Exterior model is REQ71.

    Fan turns on and after +- 30 sec, I hear a "click" but the compressor does not turn on.

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    Daikin have suggested replacing the outside PC board and if that doesnt work then the compressor. Thank goodness the job is under warrantee otherwise the client would have hit the roof.

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    Thanks again for the input. The machine is definitely under warranty. Daikin is coming day and let's what they have to say and how long will it take to acquire the necessary parts.


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    Problem solved. It is a blue cylinder which acts as kind of a "startup" for the compressor. They replaced it and it is working normally again.

    Thank you all.

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