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    McCain the could have been

    McCain was the right man at the right time.

    a man who fought for the country and was tortured by socialists, maybe he could have been the person to go to the government and make a stand and not be afraid.

    he had full endorsement from the major Republican party , not just someone considered a radical , he should have done the job he was sent to do by the people of Arizona who tried to make a stand to defend their state from this liberal monstrosity .

    if he stayed true to the conservative cause he would have had support from people all around the country , people who normally stayed in the shadows would have come out of the woodwork to show their support.


    ...instead McCain goes out of his way to prove he's a kiss a$$.

    hanging out with liberals like Fiengold and stabbing the Arizona citizens in the back.

    now we live in a time when the democrats are unstoppable.

    what did the democrats do right?

    answer: nothing
    conservatives know they have no one to vote for.

    we had a republican president and house, and we had 8 years of times that were as bad, and liberal, as Bill Clinton.

    sorry McCain, you're not going to be President.

    save your money for a monument to yourself.

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    howcome you never re-visit your own threads?


    Wolfwhine is in tha house in full effect!

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    I thought McCain was a maverick... He had enough centrist in him to pass the drive-by media's litmus tests. But after his timeless work on the Incumbent Protection Act....and the icing on the cake , so far, is the Immigration Reform of 2007. Sayanora, Juan my friend.
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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