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    Lets say this,
    Air cooled machine,
    System in deep vac,
    Charge liquid in the high side,. (Condenser)
    Water flowing in the DX evap,
    Pressure slowly rises,.

    I am not saying its ok to do this just a lil theory thinking here,.
    Commercial larger DX split,. I have charged liquid in the high side before, but obviously there is no water in this sistutation ,.

    Sorry rick, did not mean to hijack ur thread!
    On that note,. Do what the residental HVAC on site people want, money in the bank,.
    10 gallons seems a lot but do what spec says.

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    Finally an update..... Since there was no hurry to perform the start up, we left the heaters do their heating process for over a week. The liquid refrigerant eventually became a vapor and within a few days, the compressor oil levels returned to the initial level. Gauges were installed and the manufacture's start up procedure was followed. Everything operated as expected, with the exception of a couple of breakers that didn't want to hold. Two breakers were replaced and all is well!!!

    I would like to thank each of you who responded to this thread in a positive, helpful fashion. Your suggestions had great merit and each one helped to either build upon another's idea, or prompted thoughts for more research which ultimately resulted with the successful completion of the project. We certainly have learned a great deal about chillers!!! Thanks again for you input!!!

    "It is easier to do things right the 1st time rather than to explain why it wasn't when you have to do it the 2nd time."

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    Quote Originally Posted by R123 View Post
    Rickochet - I see you are in Marion, IN and it is 44F there today. If you can get those compressor crankcase heaters on, circulate chilled water that is WARMER THAN THE OUTSIDE AMBIENT AIR through the chiller barrel, and start the condenser fans (not compressors), then the condenser coils will be the coldest part of the refrigeration system and the liquid refrigerant will naturally migrate to the condenser which is where you want it. You may also have to manually open the liquid line solenoid valve by pulling the coil and putting one of those donut solenoid valve magnets over the stem.
    Nice! I will use this trick.

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