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    waking up 3 in the morning and wondering why ? figures out it's the tear down I'm doing as a lead for the first time . I hope after a few more under my belt i can sleep better . i choose this trade because i really like what i do . the customers ,the pride in correcting problems . and the pay and benefits .I love my job ,but i love vacation's better .

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    Trane centravac.

    Quote Originally Posted by RACMT View Post
    I have two 400 ton Trane Centravac Chillers, I have all the maintenance manuals and break down manuals, with pressure readings. This system was installed in the late 50s early 60s. Do you think this will help? I would have to scan them as the manuals are old school but very in depth.
    Would you happen to have any manuals on a Trane cetravac sidewinder. Model # K-MF3-MV2

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