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    Dual oil tank piping

    I am installing two 275 gallon oil tanks. What is the reccommended piping arangement for fill, vent, and burner hookup?

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    Depends, side by side or end to end. Basically fill into first tank, cross over to second tank with the vent alarm and gauge in the second tank. 1/2" cross over on the bottom using heat melt fuse valves on each tank. 1 filter off the bottom cross over with supply line going to the appliance.
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    I remember a home owner DIYing his own 2 tank set up. He forgot what he was doing, and put the vent alarm in the wrong tank. LOL
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    2 2" fills, 2 2" vents, no copper. I don't like/recommend piping them in series, even though it's not against code in most places. If your going with Roth tanks or equivalent, they make manifold piping for supply, vent, and oil lines.

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