Identifying "Dirty Sock Syndrome" Replacement Coil From Trane
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    Identifying "Dirty Sock Syndrome" Replacement Coil From Trane

    I have a real Trane coil identified as COL18632 RPS that is supposed to be epoxy coated and not be subject to DSS. Does this code indicate any special coating? How else can I tell if Trane has sent a treated coil under their DSS coil replacement program.

    An earlier Goodman setup (2 ton HP, Var Speed fan) never got DSS.

    Not to be a skeptic ... but DSS triggered a heck of an allergic reaction a few weeks ago. A germicidal bath solved the problem, but I can't afford having it come back.


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    That coil is epoxy coated but thats the only info I can find on it. The info I find says that its a coil for a Hyperion air handler TAM7, TAM8, TAM4, GAM5 or the likes and that it is the black epoxy coated version of that coil.
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    Thanks. Exactly what I hoped for.

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