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Thread: York BAS

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    Don't go underfloor

    Quote Originally Posted by jczekai View Post
    If it is a York underfloor system I would stay far away from it. We subcontracted York to install underfloor systems in four different buildings and the systems still don't right. The underfloor controllers fail all the time, the temp sensors fail, the MSTP comm never stays online, and they aren't very good with support. Call for a problem and a guy shows up a week later.
    Our office refused to install underfloor because of all the horror stories.
    And we would not buy any of the junk Delta stats either. They gave me one and I broke it looking at it

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    Need help on getting into a LCD-34

    Quote Originally Posted by shortfuse View Post
    Hiya Motec,
    As posted, the York range of BMS is very robust. Would need more info on the installed system. Are there any fan coil controllers? If so, are they labelled TDC or TDCE? Are the main controllers ISN or UDC (or god forbid the old MicroReporter?). As mentioned,
    1) Be very careful with ICE as its very powerfull.
    2) Once understood, the feature, section, page setup is logical and user friendly.

    I do have a lot of PDF files/software available for email, including how to find a system password through the back door. Let me know.


    (UK York engineer)
    Trying to do reset and feed some status's and temps into our system. HAs a LDC-34 on the two chillers. Existing controls system is setup to control setpoint reset, and S/S but does not function. Owner does not know password. Can you help. Have tied 5555 and york.

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    We just started roughing in a job that was specd to be a York Meridian system. Bunch of single zone AHU's. One 20 ton split used for zoning control with VVT's and a bypass damper. Also lots of exhaust fans and dampers. I guess i'll get to see what it's like. Also I have installed alot (hundreds) of Delta sensors and haven't broken one yet.

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    Merridian controls are a UPG product sold buy them direct , what a painful experience best bet is to call company named Wattmaster don't have phone available at this moment but can get it for you to help you set it up.
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