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    Intertherm/Nordyne System

    I just came across a downflow heatpump system thats in a mobilehome application. My question is how Nordyne has a built-in fresh-air intake.
    It takes fresh-air from the roof of the home. And with out any prefiltering it
    is allow to enter directly into the squirrel case area of the air handler???
    This fresh-air enter at this point allow, dirt, dust to the system.
    I am having to replace a fan motor due to bearings its only 5 years old.
    This fresh air enters downstream of even to cooling coil. Directly to the squirrel
    cage, into the supply and then out the floor vents.

    I am aware of the need of fresh air in every home. I suspect the supply duct work on this home to have several air leaks, causing a negative indoor possibility. We will be doing a duct pressure test and a blower door test for this
    home. These are personal friends on mine. But my question is...I aint seen
    a rig like this before. at the less I would think a type of filter and adjustable
    damper. What do U guy think about this...It may be standard on trailer homes I dont really get into this home often...any wisdom here would be appreciated.

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    This is what I do.
    Idisconnect the duct from the collar on the unit. I cover the collar with tape and let the duct dangle above the filter which is usually on top.

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