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    I never really took the gun outside. My outside temps came from a separate sensor that's pretty accurate. So I shouldn't have had too much of an issue with that.

    Your thoughts about air leaking in from the upstairs & bathroom fans could definitely apply. The house is far from airtight (it's not drafty, but not airtight either). I'm sure there are plenty of places for air to leak in to the house. Hopefully most of that will get addressed when I rip out the upstairs ceiling and redo the insulation/drywall.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OOC View Post
    GLewis29, I saw that brand and about got it, but went for the Mastercool (MAS52224-A)- no real reason I picked it over the one you got. Let's compare accuracies/repeatability info. Mine's due in the first few days in July. I asked over on the pro's tool message board at this site for recommendations, but no one had any and my thread morphed into two old friends catching up on old times. I didn't care because I probably couldn't afford their recomendations anyway.
    Exception to the rule Temp guns. I have a Harbor Freight CEN-Tech tester gun, and reading this thread I decided to go test it. I use it for exhaust system readings. I went to the garage and shot it at the patio deck then at the metal cushion box and both temps were 86 degrees. Only problem is, that the temp outside is 5 degrees. I came inside and shot it at my left hand....temp? 98.6 degrees. Just for your information.

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