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    Equipment software

    Wondering what people are using/happy with regarding keeping tabs on equipment. I'm a small business owner with a few trucks and took on an aging mall with close to 200 RTUs. Never been a fan of paper so I'm looking for an alternative to keep an up to date list of Unit#, Make, M#, S#, filters, belts, work that has/needs to be done, etc. Extra points for IOS/iCloud as every tech has an ipad, but any suggestions to look into would be nice. 200 pgs of chicken scratch is just not working for me.

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    You're asking about filemaker (server).

    Also, Google has some sort of public database...might be a beta version.

    2 posts? welcome to the forum.

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    ESC, made by desco.
    It tracks properties, equipment at the property by S#, service calls by S#, PMIs. I know you can get it on Android, not sure about IOS but you can find that out. All our techs have it on their tablets. They can look up the property, have access and contact information right there, look up previous service calls(5 previous I believe), clock in and clock out, etc.
    Its great software, the problem is getting the techs to consistently use it.
    We have been using it for a few years now, not as thoroughly but it has made us a much more efficient company.

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