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    I am looking for a way to estimate cooling load for a cnc machine- new project for existing customer. I am trying to give budget numbers for a possible new contract that requires my customer to control production room temps. I have never run into a climate controlled machine shop and need to give estimate if they are awarded the contract- I know there are different machines but like all industrial and comm. machines they never consider generated heat when the specs are printed- THANKS ALL!!!

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    you might want to try the pro side with this if you can, the unit btu output would be nice, size of room including height for cubic footage, desired temp, other equipment in this room, number of people working in space, any specific filtration and humidity requirements. The owner or g/c wants a not to exceed or a rough bid? then they need to get you some more info or you can be in big trouble if you are low, if you are way high then you might look like a crook.

    best of luck, matt

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    Heat load on CNC

    While I have never dealt with a CNC machine, I have dealt with a couple of different things in an industrial / lab application; ie: labelling machines and pulp testing equipment.

    Call the CNC manufacturer and find out what the btu output or wattage is; the problem is finding the right person who will get you the info - it took a bit of doing, but I was successful in about 5 cases.

    THe other consideration is the parameters that must be held - I have 3 labs that run at 72 F and 50% RH - we are able to maintain within a half degree/one percent +/- with reasonably simple equipment - there is a few tricks however. If it goes further, drop me a note and perhaps I can help.

    Dave Beauchesne CM
    Superheat and subcooling tell it all !

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