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    Question EZ-Breathe,good or bad ?

    I'm planning to buy EZ-Breathe ventilation system and want to know what you guys think about that.
    We live in 2 year old house ( tight build ) and on hot/humid days bad smell surrounding us in one room .
    This room on the 1st floor over finished basement. Humidity in the basement in a range of 56%-59% RH. So we checked around and found this EZ-Breathe dehumid. They claim that it will solve the problem in no time by removing humid air from the basement and changing that air with air ( wormer/less humid ) from upper levels . Is that too good to be true? Before we make our final buy just wanted to check with you ( HVAC professionals) guys.

    Anything about EZ-Breathe (www. ventilation system ? Good or bad ? Pros and cons ?

    Thanks in advance for all replies !
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    Any feedback at on EZ-Breathe ?

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    There have been previous post on this topic. This is a solution when outside air is very dry. In arrid climates or during cold dry weather ventilation works. But in green grass climates when the outside dew points are +50^F, ventilation makes the home wetter. The humid air in your basement originated from outside and infiltrated into your home and then to the basement. Because the basement is cooler the %RH is higher. The solution is to warm the basement or reduce the moisture content of the basement space. Exhausting the basement air to the outside sucks in more outside humid air. Get any claims in writing with moneyback assurance.
    Get a high eff. dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Advance, which will maintain <50%RH in the basement for minimal operating cost. Dehu TB

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    I think you're right and we're gonna get a Santa Fe.

    Well, to be more accurate with the odor problem I want to to ask you that:

    in this winter we had a condensation problem in the attic due a bad job on the ventilation ( no attic vents ) and ceiling on 2nd floor leaked because of that in a few places . That was in December. Problem was fixed within a week , drywall repaired and painted. In May we'd started to smell this bad odor in one room and it still there on hot/humid days (it's coming from the inside cavity of the 2 outside walls in this room ) . So we think it has something to do with a wet wall insulation or basement humidity.

    So, my questions are :

    if water got inside of these walls ( can it travel so far ? ) and the insulation was wet in December, how long it will take to dry out ( no new water coming in ) and the smell ( moldy , musty ) will disappear if ever ?

    In other words what're our options on that if we can smell it only on hot/humid days and really don't want to remove the drywall ( 2year old house ) in both rooms( 1st and 2nd floors) just to change insulation ?

    Will this odor disappear with time or it can be something else ?

    Thanks again for any help!

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