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    Infinity furnace setup questions

    I'm a homeowner with a new Carrier Infinity nat. gas furnace, A/C, AprilAire 550 bypass humidifier & Infinity t'stat. The humidifier operation is controlled by the Infinity system. I was going thru the setup menu to record the settings chosen by the contractor and noticed that the furnace setup item named "Low Heat Rise" was set to "Off" (the Default). The instructions say to set this "On" (if you have a bypass humidifier) to "increase the low heat airflow". My bypass humidifier has a manual damper on the bypass duct which I open in the Fall & close in the Spring. During those times of the year, however, many days require some heating at night & some cooling during the day.
    Questions: Should this furnace Menu setting be On or Off in this situation? How significant is it in terms of furnace operation?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Good question for your installing contractor.

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