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    ductless calculations

    hey all. I'm a commercial guy trying to help a neighbor. no room for ductwork so we are going fujitsu ductless. his house (multifamily) is the first floor. Its only 626 sq/ft. Unfortunately the configuration doesnt work well for 1 unit, so we are thinking 2. bedroom and kitchen area. the problem is that I can only find 9000 btu units. 2 would be 18,000btu's. Which I think is overkill for 626 sq/ft. we live in massachusetts. Any ideas? Am I getting myself in trouble with 18,000 btu's for 626 sq/ft? thanks

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    The 9RLQ has an inverter based compressor. This means that it is variable capacity. It will modulate from 3,600 to 12,000 BTU in cooling. It is more expensive than a regular cooling only unit, but it is what will work best in your situation.

    page 11 shows the specs for the inverter units.


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