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    HVAC humdifying problem - HELP!

    Hi. I have a Liebert challenger 3000 HVAC system in my museum. We are typically stable at 72 degrees F and 40% RH. For reasons I do not understand, today we are at 81 degrees F and 78% RH (which, as you might expect, is very, very bad for our historical collections). The HVAC is chugging away and trying to dehumidify, but the RH isn't going down. If anyone could give me some advice as to (A) why this might have happened and (B) how to fix it (yes, I have called in our service group, but quite honestly, they haven't been that helpful in the past) or otherwise help the situation, that would be great.


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    2,758 "Find a rep." Enter your zip code. Call the number for your rep. and/or Email them. Shame on you for not having a service contract on such an important piece of equipment.

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    We do have a service contract. I just haven't been very happy with them lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamscenter View Post
    We do have a service contract. I just haven't been very happy with them lately.
    It is very obvious something is wrong w/ the machine. Lieberts are very complex, and many techs w/o training, or experiance, really dont understand the system. It could be anything, only one compressor is running, reheat is on, humdifier is on. Is the unit in a fault mode? normally they beep. If there is no beep, it could be as simple as an impropper setting. EITHER WAY, YOU NEED TO GET SOMEBODY THATS GOOD W/ LIEBERTS OVER RIGHT AWAY. Typically there is no quick or simple sollution.

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    Are you in Alexandria? If so, I did the start-up on your machine. If I remember correctly it has double strainers. Only one stainer should have flow at a time. This is so you can switch strainers, and reset the unit while waiting for a contractor. It pulls fresh air off of a Mcquay unit. If that's where your at email me and I'll tell you the new name for the company. PS I don't work there, but keep in contact.

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    get new help

    Your a/c is broken. If you aren't happy with the company you use call someone else. Just about any commercial AC company should be able to do the work. Ask if they repair "lieberts".

    A too many things could happen to stop it from working like that.

    B You can't fix it. heatingman is right they are complex.

    This isn't a window unit. There is too much going on in a liebert for the customer to fix.

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    Well, looks like you may well have a refrigerant leak.

    When the machine is operating correctly, you dehumidify as well as cool the air at the same time.

    When there is a leak, both start to go away, as is your case.

    There are other issues that may cause these same symptoms, as madhat has mentioned and as others will.

    Congratulations on owning the finest precision environmental control machine in the world.

    You would be best served by this machine if you have it looked at by a Liebert trained mechanic.

    Please call your local Liebert office. They will recommend a suitable contractor that will solve this issue.

    The repair sounds fairly routine.

    And Good Luck.
    "Iron sharpeneth iron..."

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