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Thread: Any takers?

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    Any takers?

    Just thought I'd help these poeple out and increase thier internet coverage

    Our air conditioner needs a pound of freon (according to husband)

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    Date: 2007-06-12, 11:54PM CDT

    But we are on a tight budget and cannot afford a large service call.

    It is hot in here and we have 3 kids, and one with asthma.

    Is there anyone that can do it for a reasonable amount?

    My husband is a veteran and works very hard but we are trying to catch up from a deployment and this is not in the budget right now. I think he may even be able to do it if we had the freon.

    Some people know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

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    my advise live without air conditioning or call and have service performed. If its not in your budget then live with your windows open. i know i don't work for free but mabey someone will. how do u know you need freon?
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    Everyone that calls say the need Freon!

    And if you really do, why did it leak out? Leaks get bigger not smaller. Probably best bet is get a couple cheap window shakers to tied you over till you can have the system checked out and any leak fixed.

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