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    Slant fin fuel smart hydrostat issue

    Hi i have been in this field for over 2 years now an what a learning experiance it has been. My issue is we just installed a slant fin boiler s-80edp it has a fuel smart hydrostat 3250 with the LWCO control an the hydrolevel electro-well.. it has 18 psi of water in the unit an it has been bled very well but the unit keeps tripping out on low water. the unit will open the damper an turn the circulator motor on than ignite the gas an run for 2 minutes than trip out. im not understanding why it is tripping on low water when i have bled the system 4 times an the last time couple of times i got nothing but water coming out of the bleeders?

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    Check the metal tab on the sensor tip and make sure it's inserted all the way into the well. Also make sure the control has a good ground.

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    ok thank you i replaced the controll an still does it. ill check the tab an double check for the ground

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    Is the circulator pump running?
    Is it pumping into or out of the boiler?

    It sounds like it might be producing steam, and that lowers the water level....
    Just a suggestion.
    Pictures would be helpful, as the sensor might be too high or there is an inversion trap at that point.
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    Replace the well and dont use teflon tape just a small amount of pipe dope

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    yes the pump is running we replaced the well and same deal so i replaced the hydrostat with a aquastat L8148e-1265 an now it works great. Water is also going in an out of the boiler heating up the radiators.

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