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Thread: A/C not working

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    A/C not working


    Hope you can help me with a problem.

    My A/C isn't working. It can run for hours with no appreciable change in temp.

    These are the facts I can tell you. Inside temp 75 -80, Vent temp approx 65-68. Outside unit fan runs. Copper pipe 1/2" on outside of unit is cold to touch.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to tell if the condenser is good or not, and if the system is fully charged, or if there is a leak.

    Trying to decide if my money is better spent on a repair, or a replacement. Unit is approx 15 years old.



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    you need to call a pro to diagnose the system, can't do it from my keyboard.

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    Call a GOOD pro. Here's how to tell if you stand a chance of getting a good one. Ask this question: "If the condenser is diagnosed a dead, do you do a heat gain analysis on my house before you recommend the replacement unit?" If the answer is or starts with "No", keep looking. You've got the potential for one or more of several problems there. Low refrigerant charge (leak somewhere), inop compressor (could be the compressor or it's one of it's starting components), a failed TXV, loss of one leg of electricity to the condenser (sometimes the fan will continue to run through it's capacitor or even run backwards) or maybe the condenser coil is plugged up with dirt, sand, grass, dirty laundry, who knows.

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    Change your filter.

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