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Thread: TXV Missing?

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    TXV Missing?

    My upstairs heat pump replacement saga continues.

    My contractor (friend of mine) started the install yesterday. He is pretty good at explaining things to me, but I stay out of his way when he is working.

    When he had installed my 1st floor system a while ago he was not happy with the external TXV on the Payne unit.

    He said the Goodman unit I was now getting for the upstairs install was much better because the TXV was already built in to the air handler evaporator.

    Since I knew what the TXV looked like on the Payne (he had shown me) I asked him to show me how it was built in to the Goodman AH coil.

    Well guess what, the Goodman didn't have a TXV, just an orifice setup. When I questioned him about it he said this setup would get the 13 SEER and not to worry about it.

    Should I question him some more about this or let it go?

    What am I loosing by not having the TXV?

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    Biggest problem is cool out but warm in. The coil could run fairly warm since the flow of refrigerant is based on outdoor temp. The TXV maintains superheat automatically where with a piston, superheat could be anywhere from 5 to 30° depending upon conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petec View Post
    My upstairs heat pump replacement saga continues.

    My contractor (friend of mine)
    I think this may be where the problems started. Just my opinion.
    We only want to do it, if we can do it right.

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    Yes the manufacturers are making units that will rate out at 13 seer without TXVs. Personally, I think a TXV system is superior due to it's ability to adjust to varying conditions. Some would argue that a fixed orifice is more reliable and there may be some merit to that point.

    But I'm an old refer guy so I'll take a TXV system over a fixed orifice any day of the week. Goodman does have TXV conversion if you really want to change it over.

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