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    Smile Confirming Condenser/Coil Match

    I am about to pull the trigger on a new Condenser and Coil combo installation and wanted to confirm with this board that the following is a correctly matched system. I am comfortable with the contractor, just wanted to double check the model #'s. Furnace is still in good shape.

    In Houston, 1800 sqft home. Built in 1994.

    American Standard Allegiance 14 - 410A 3 1/2 ton

    American Standard Horizontal Coil 3 1/2 Ton (with TXV installed)

    Replacing due to bad leak in the current evaporator coil (Carrier builder install).

    Thanks for any input.

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    I'm NOT a HVAC tech but tonnage seems high for SF. Was a heat calc done?

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    ARI Ref #: 672834

    41,500: BTU/H
    10.80: EER
    13.00: SEER
    1RCU-A-C: ARI Type
    $274: Cooling Cost
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    Well, how about that!

    Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrocrider View Post
    I'm NOT a HVAC tech but tonnage seems high for SF. Was a heat calc done?
    Not too sound rude, but if you are not a tech or in the field you really shouldn't comment.Your question is right on about the calc, but how do you know what sounds too big?
    We only want to do it, if we can do it right.

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    No offense taken.

    I live in Atlanta in 1700SF house with 3 ton unit and I'm battling an oversize issue. Just trying to help someone else living in similar size house in similar geography not make the same mistake i did; i.e take the word of contractor saying I need to upsize to 3 ton WITHOUT heat load calc.

    This board's help me in the few days I've viewed. Just trying to give back what little I can.

    See my thread on heat load calc.

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