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    Integrating room air conditioner with commercial HVAC

    My office is intolerantly hot. My building (ten floors). has, of course, hvac with one control for every zone, which encompass 2 or 3 offices. It cannot be adjusted to make me comfortable without freezing others in my suite. Our windows are sealed. Can I have an exhaust vent built into or integrated with the HVAC system to allow me to use a room air conditioner?

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    or even

    or even intolerably hot.

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    About the easiest thing to do would be get a little portable unit and blow the hot condenser exhaust into the false ceiling. In many large buildings, the return air comes from that space so that heat would just be going back to the air handler to be cooled. Not sure what building management would think of this idea but probably easiest thing for you to do. Window units aren't meant for any ducting.

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    what temp do they keep it in there!

    maybe you can wear lighter clothes!

    majority (or what boss likes) rules in office space!

    see if you can get a supply grill installed that will blow directly on to your area/space/desk!

    a lot of office/buildings that i work at have seperate duct heaters, crank your a/c up and turn their heaters on if applicable!


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    how hot I am

    My office is usually 72 degrees. I find this very uncomfortable, though everyone else seems fine. I attribute it to my Russian heritage. If it is not cold enough to stop a German invasion, it's too warm.

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    The thing about a portable unit is you can’t per code dump that hot air into the ceiling or the return it must go out side. Your temperatures are within range and that brings a problem for you because your body does not vent like most others and you’re over heating.

    This happens to lots of people and some times it has to do with a problem of body water vaporization. The vapor is not leaving as fast so you notice a warmer room temperature then the person sitting next to you. It is like have insulation over your skin. Others have the water vaporizing quickly and this makes them feel cooler.

    Dehumidification in your area would help you feel better

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    throw back a couple vodkas you won't care

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