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    Confused Trane XE900 Condenser fan not working


    I have a 16 year old Trane XE900 outdoor unit coupled to a indoor gas heat furnace in the attic(not sure of the manufacturer but I assume thats also a Trane unit) .The fan in the outdoor unit is not turning but compressor is still working. The blower fan in the inside unit is working but the cooling efficiency has gone way down. The indoor temp is not coming down to less than 80F. I assume the condenser fan motor is dead as the rest of the system is chugging along.If it is the motor, can it be replaced easily? I am not a techinically trained person but I do have a good understanding of set-up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.BTW I am a newbie to this forum.



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    Maybe your condenser fan motor is dead! Maybe it's something else! Call a Tech! IMPORTANT: If you don't want to spend MORE $, turn it off until it is repaired!
    GOD knows if you did your best! <><

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    yea hopefully you haven't burned your compressor up yet. if the condensor fan is not running correctly turn off unit. and start praying you don't need a brand new system. now that you thought it was ok to run it anyway.

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