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    Assistance needed

    I have a mount vernon pellet insert from 2007 made by quadra fire. the unit has been intermittently working, more often not working. The error message is " Bad TC fire pot. indicating the thermo coupler in the fire pot. I have done a test on the thermo coupler with volt meter and it passes the test . It does however take a bit of time for the > 15 millavolts to be reached. And i contuined the test with a flame under the part unit i reached 23 mv. My thinking was that it was to slow to build to temp. in the time provide and shuts down. So as a workaround i tried removing the ceramic cover for a start up run. Even with full exposure to flame at start up , it failed to get out of start up and shut down once again. So What is the problem? My connection at the circut board is as good as it can be, the design is lacking here.
    i am tempted to replace the thermocoupler again because it did check out.

    What should i try next?

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    Most of the time on these units, it a bad connection where the TC plugs into the control board, sometimes all you need to do is unplug the tc and plug it back in, be very careful when unplugging it as the solder joints are usually pretty weak. Make sure you press the tab in firmly on the TC connection before trying to remove it from the board. If it breaks you will need a new control board which is very salty.

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    Refer to your owner's manual for proper placement of the thermocouple over the firepot. Ensure it is well cleaned of crud and clamped in place. Watch the flame to ensure it is properly engulfing the TC. Other than that, it's a call for a qualified service tech. We cannot provide DIY advise here. Attempting service when not qualified may get you shocked, injured, damage the system or fail to correct the problem so we cannot endorse it.

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    Had a customer have the same issue, they had 6-8 different techs go out and find different reasons or false readings and move to the next call. I got caught by several different symptoms on that particular system too but the troubleshooting flow by said company has to be tested performed by a tech to the letter or you won't gain any traction. Got the customer logged in by serial and long story short I got him warranty a new system by verifying each and every recommended troubleshooting step thru tech. Customer wins along with my learning curve. Call a factory trained tech will save you time the most precious commodity.

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