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    Confused Dilemma in Louisville

    I've got a 15-year old, 2-story walkout (3500 sq.ft.) brick home. It came with a 3.5 ton trane a/c and no upstairs a/c. (there's 1600 sq.ft up there!) As you would expect, it's always hard to cool the upstairs. Now, it's time to replace the original a/c and gas furnace. I'm leaning on getting a 4.0 ton Trane XL 16i heat pump and a Trane 90+ variable upflow gas furnace (have also looked at CarrierInfinity hybrid). Both dealers say that a single hybrid system will take care of the whole house, but I'm not convinced (based on what I've been able to read). I think I still need an upstairs unit (possibly another heat pump without strips, or an a/c). Obviously, $$$ don't grow on any tree I've got planted. So, what's a good plan of attack?

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    I would suggest you look at an infinity zone system. Its the best of both worlds. You get a main controller on the main(that controls both levels) with a remote sensor for your upstairs. You can even have a smart sensor instead so you dont have to get out of bed and walk down stairs to adjust the temp. You can adjust it from the smart sensor. It will also save you for haveing to add another system, which if there isnt one there you have to add all electrical. BIG MONEY. Also with a 2 speed heatpump when only one zone is calling the system drops to low capacity(1/2) to help with dehumidification. Good Luck.

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    I agree. A zoned system is your first, best, economical answer. Do NOT over size your system based on SQ'. Your original system was designed to handle a certain cfm, a cfm that did not consider additional footage. That means upsizing your current system can/will lead to short cycling of your heat, and short cycling of your ac..with no improvement of upstairs air quality, and a large increase in downstairs humidity, short cycling of the condenser/furnace and shortened equipment life. Either spend the bucks for two systems, or zone one properly. You will be ahead in the long run.
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