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    Start Relay match-up

    S.M.E.C.O. "Allegedly Zapped / Over voltaged" me late Thursday night. Can't cross reference the Start relay GE P/n 3ARR3 K16B3. Supply house has Mars start relays. Normally I'd just get the compressor numbers, and match-up a hardstart kit. Then throw away the old start cap. and relay, but this compr. is two speed It's in a Lennox M/n HP-21-511-1P S/n 5491CO7767
    I only have to make it work till I retire.

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    I'm not familiar w/ Lennox specifically... but across the board we use the KICK START:

    TO5 Hard Start Kit =<3Ton
    KS1 HSK => 3.5Ton+ Scroll

    As far as I know, it's the only field start kit approved & recommended by many mfgs. We use it on single speed & dual speed compressors.

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