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    Charging A Home Slip System

    I changed an outside unit only it was charged from the factory.I stated it up and it runs about 65 on the low and 200 on the was about 83 inside and 94 outside.I do commercial Refrigeration and the pressures are a little different.Some one told me a few years ago about a formula but i cant remember what it was it was like you take the indoor temp and make it you low side psi but i cant remember.does anyone know i easy way to see if my charge is right.the amps are high right now also it is 20 amps and should bee 14.3.but with the low side that low i didn't want to remove any gas.any ideas? thanks

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    Too many variables......SH and/or SC......if it is mismatched..Good Luck

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    You need to register as a pro; this question cannot be answered in an open forum!!

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