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    help (employment decision)

    I have one year experience in the electrical/hvac trades. I am a residential apprentice/installer/light service guy. I can install electrical services, run new lines, troubleshoot shorts, etc. I can also install furnaces, air conditioners, and lightly troubleshoot them. Problem is this company is small. Me, HVAC installer, hvac service tech, apprentice.

    I feel like I am not getting enough experience. No apprenticeship program, only on the job experience. Another problem is this company can't keep guys. The electrician that taught me left after two years of being employed. Layed off his replacement twice. I am currently the senior guy at the company, aside from the owner and office manager.

    I'm taking the electrical calls, and running the jobs while they search for another electrician to lay off. What's your opinion on this company? Should I search for better employment? And should I try a company as a hvac tech or electrician? So I can master one, and eventually learn the other, instead of trying to keep track of two trades so early on.

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    Why do you feel entitled to question you bosses decisions? Stay humble learn all you can and rise to the top instead of being sub par like the rest of em.
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    All good HVAC techs do good electrical.
    Not many electricians do good HVAC.
    Pick a lane and stay in it.

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    I would stay there and get all the free knowledge you can soak up. Sounds like he is paying you to learn both. You cant beat that deal. Good luck

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    Kind of hard to learn anything when there is no teacher huh?

    Then when he does hire a knowledgeable guy you can't really expect him to teach you because then you are a threat to his job (payed less, just as good).

    I was in your shoes about 10yrs ago... I left to find much greener pastures. I would suggest you do the same. Find a company that pays tuition reimbursement and abuse the snot out of it.

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