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    Manufacturer's comparison websites?

    Are there any sites around that have comparisons of HVAC systems? And possibly average system costs? I'm looking at replacing my 30 year old system and dread this as much as buying a new car. But with a car, you can find out the average delivered cost. Thanks.

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    This site has model specific technical information, but no pricing info:

    A similar thread to yours was started a day or two ago, look down a page or two to see if you can find it... some good info in it.

    But you may want to start someplace more general. I just replaced a 35+ year old system and started from scratch as well when trying to learn about options. My advice is not to pay any attention to pricing information you find online if you're looking at good systems. In general, no one can or will give you an honest quote without knowing your exact situation. You can find a lot of good educational information here and elsewhere to help you get familiar with HVAC in general. Don't ignore manufacturer sites for information, but take what they say with a grain of salt- it is there afterall only to convince you to buy their stuff. Also I found it best to concentrate on getting good contractors as well as educating myself about equipment. I used manufactures list of certified contractors (not a requirement by any means I found), Angie's List, BBB, and co-worker recommendatios to find 4 good ones to get bids from- but in the end you should have a gut feeling about contractors after they visit you which one will be good to work with.

    Then a good contractor will walk through what equipment might be best for your situation.

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