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Thread: AC not working?

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    AC not working?

    I tried my ac a couple of weeks back and it worked for a while then stopped. I started poking around in furnace with a volt/ohm meter and found no voltage coming from transformer. Replaced the transformer, now blower will work, funace will work but no ac.
    Switched to ac the transformer started heating up (which is probably what fried the old one). I could hear relay switch w/coil humming so I removed relay to replace. after taking out relay I jumped 24v to relay off transformer and it switched contact points like it should. Then I checked the 2 leads that run to relay and they only showed 7.3 volts could this be a problem with stat or possibly the control board? Any suggestions would be greatly appreiated!

    cooling & heating confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaracuda View Post
    I tried ........... cooling & heating confused
    This is a reason why there are rules on this site about helping someone with technical advise.
    Please call a pro.

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    Are you a homeowner? I only ask because you have an electrical problem and WE cannot walk you thru the troubleshooting process to fix it. You just became a member this month and it's only the first week of the month.

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    Sounds like the transformer was a good move, now it sounds like you're gonna burn out your new transformer.
    GOD knows if you did your best! <><

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    call a qualified hvac tech. or your wasting money!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmechanical View Post
    call a qualified hvac tech. or your wasting money!.

    Or keep changing parts until you have a new furnace and A/C...........
    Have you hugged the Earth today?
    Donny Baker rules

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