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    Low Flow Bypass vs. Decoupler


    Can someone define what a Low Flow Bypass is vs what a Decoupler? I hear both terms used but not sure if it correct to used them interchangeably?

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    Low Flow Bypass:
    As the chilled water flow drops due to AHU valves closing this valve will open to maintain minimum flow requirements between supply and return.

    Common Chilled Water Pipe between Primary and Secondary loops.

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    So then what is meant when someone uses the term "Bridge"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiller_Girl View Post
    So then what is meant when someone uses the term "Bridge"?
    The last time I heard it used was to describe a structure that spanned a body of water. I have never heard it in reference to the decoupler. I have heard some people call the decoupler a "crossover". Sometimes the lack of consistently in terminology can be confusing.

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    Bridge line is a term that some use in place of decoupler. Simply the "bridge" between primary and secondary. Not necessarily the correct term according to our industry, but when you think about it, it makes a lot more sense.

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