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Thread: Why don't we?

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    Angry Why don't we?

    Why don't we post videos and images of the US and our constituants killing and attacking the terrorists in Iraq? We never show any up close action like they always do. As a country we always (somewhat) try to stay a step above other countrys on moral ground, but at what expense. Families watching videos of the sons getting attacked and murdered on the 6 o clock news. Lets show us kicking ass or at least show videos of the GOOD things we have done.

    First off I dont believe this should even hit our tv screens. It adds to the fear Americans have. I think it is used to take more of our liberties.

    2nd, why shouldnt we show an upclose attack of some jerk-off in Iraq getting what he deserves. Does our country push that on their news channels? Why do we allow it to happen here?

    Hell, the video of saddam being hung should have been televised nationally. hell, even pay per view on a Saturday night with proceeds of the event going to soldiers wives and families. Ya, i know, Im just promoting the commercialism of war. blah, blah, blah. Ask the SOB's in washington about it. They all make money during war.

    Rant off.

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    glug glug glug.......

    I wouldnt want to see it......... I remember when everyone at work was watching that video of that guy getting his head chopped off...... its just ghoulish to even want to see that crap.....

    of course I dont watch anything extreme on tv...even skydiving shows give me the willies......

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