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    the back peddle compitition

    ...yeah...was watching the Democrat debates...
    ...was actually pretty good...

    i was surprised that the media puppet , was it Wolf Blitzer? , the moderator, actually made the Democrats answer for their actions of fully approving the war then trying to say they were anti-war.

    apparently Hillary has voted for every single war bill Bush wanted involving the war

    the only Democrat who's a member of this planet is Mike Gravel , from alaska.
    they say "conservative Democrats" exist but this is the first time i ever saw one.

    when Hillary tried to say Bill Clinton balanced the budget, Mike Gravel spoke out of turn and accused the clintons of pulling 200 million out of Social Security to do so, which he claims still goes on today.

    Hillary said the budget was balanced the old fashion way , by increasing revenues. (AKA raising taxes)

    they said that every Democrat candidate intends to raise taxes , which should be easy after trashing Bush's tax cut for years.

    the scariest line of the debate was when Edwards said America has no moral authority to attack countries by force , but should be providing education around the world :O

    Hillary said she would not let Iran have nukes.
    in-other-words , a weapon of mass destruction.

    Hillary and the candidates support possible military action in Darfor , ...good thing they are anti-war

    Hillary said if the UN doesn't get involved she will
    (exactly what happened in Iraq)

    Hillary said her main complaint about Bush's handling of the war is that Bush didn't give the UN inspectors enough time

    Hillary claims she will pull the plug in Iraq as soon as she becomes President

    the best:
    1) Mike Gravel from alaska
    2) Kusinich
    i likes what he said about ending NAFTA and stopping the insurance companies from pulling massive profits out of health care

    (even if his idea is socialist, something needs to be done about the real problem of healthcare, massive profits)

    the rest of the candidates are wishy-washy spoon fed crap.

    Biden tries to liven it up by sounding like he's mad.

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    The thing I don't like about Kucinich is he believes everything can be handled diplomatically.

    There's a time to live, a time to die, a time to laugh, a time to cry and a time to kick ass unmercifully.

    Iraq wasn't/is the 'time' but that doesn't mean there won't be a legitimate issue in the future that could call for unmitigated force.

    "I" wouldn't want someone running the ship that wouldn't use it, if, absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt need be.
    I agree with Kucinich on several issues but that's a 'show stopper' for me.

    I don't want any more idiots like Bush in command either.
    God, please, give us someone with a brain to run this country.

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